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Meet Adelyn Belsterling, Author of Fairy Tales &
Happily Ever Afters


I Wish I May

Publishing July 16, 2024

Zelda Ravensdale wants to graduate from Madame LeBleu's School for Godmothers at the top of her class, but with her magic acting up, she must prove herself worthy by completing a special mission from the headmistress herself.


Lonely Crown Prince Leo has no interest in becoming king. When he wishes away his crown, he sets off a series of events that risk upsetting the balance of magic in the modern world. The fairies need an ally on the throne to keep magic under their control and as a lover of the magical sciences, Leo is the perfect candidate.


Now Zelda must convince Leo to keep his crown, but that's easier said than done. When they discover a magical organization bent on stealing magic for themselves - and taking out the crown prince with fairy sympathies - every Happily Ever After and even their lives are on the line.

I Wish I May Cover

The Prince's Guide to True Love's Kiss

A hapless prince must wake a cursed maiden with True Love's Kiss by his 18th birthday in order to start his regency. Lucky for him, every princess in the realm seems to have fallen under a curse of eternal slumber...but Prince Benedikt can't seem to wake any of them. Benedikt must team up with a band of misfit mercenaries and their beautiful captain to find princess number 15 and, hopefully, his True Love

TFA Cover6.2.jpg

The Painter's

With the love of a beautiful and scarred, demi-fae war hero, a plain painter's apprentice finds her own voice as a master painter when she uses her paintings to inspire rebellion and smuggle secret messages to bring down the faction of vain fae who have taken control of the French monarchy.



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