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I'm Adelyn Sterling, writer of all things hopeful and stories full of magic. I live in Ohio with my husband and my cavalier, Theo. I've been a magazine editor, a purse saleswoman, a marketing associate for a major Pittsburgh newspaper, and a bagel store cashier. I've run an Etsy shop to fund a DIY addiction, but I'm now a part-time freelance writer and I write novels in my free time.

I grew up on a steady diet of Disney VHS's, Harry Potter books, and musical theater. I always loved stories (Drama, as my parents would tell you) but in 2013, I decided to write a novel. I never finished that novel, but I was hooked and haven't stopped writing since.

I immediately began sharing my writing on where I met some of my writing besties and started shaping my writings into something readable. In 2014, I joined the online writing community,, where I connected my work with readers around the world. There, my novel The Prince's Guide to True Love's Kiss won a Watty award in 2015 for "Best of HQ Love". In 2017, I was invited to be part of the Wattpad Stars program which aids in the development and mentorship of Wattpad's most promising writers.

A Few of My Favorite Things

Jesus, great YA books, moody classic novels, Hufflepuff pride, costume dramas, classical music, Disney World, collecting old books, antiquing with my mama, making my husband laugh at my bad jokes, Disney music sing-a-longs, DIY and making things with my hands.

My Fandoms

Marvel. Harry Potter. Star Wars.

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